Our Yarns


Jimtex Yarns provide our customers with the ability to tell an ecological, Made in USA story in a cost-effective way. Our innovative recycling process allows us to create a beautiful line of colored yarns using no wet processing. We blend acrylic or polyester with our recycled cotton for added strength and beauty, and can ply our yarns with a range of other yarns for a novelty feel or performance characteristic. All of our yarns are produced with post-industrial textile waste from cut-and-sew operations. See below for additional information about our yarn.


Ecological & Economical

Our process, which allows our yarn to be produced from cut-and-sew waste from apparel manufacturers, allows us to produce innovative yarns at an inexpensive price. As a division of Martex Fiber, we have access to large quantities of cotton textile waste, which is sorted to color and de-fiberized by Martex before it comes to us. We blend the fiber with acrylic or polyester for strength and beauty to create our line of yarns.

Since the fiber is already dyed before it reaches our facility, there are no additional dye costs for our customers, which helps eliminate wet processing and is also beneficial to the environment.

Our yarns are certified for recycled content by SCS Global Services. Learn more here!

Jimtex helps you go green for less!


In-Stock Colored Yarns

We believe that one of the benefits of American manufacturing should be shorter lead times and lower minimums. Because of that, we stock over 50 colors in 8/1s and 12/1s, as well as a wide range of counts in black for quick-ship programs in 200 pound cases. Our yarns are blends of recycled cotton with acrylic or polyester added for additional strength and beauty.

Using Jimtex Yarns allows you to tell a sustainable story with your product since you are helping bring renewed life to textile waste. And since the yarns are spun in Lincolnton, GA, our customers also have a Made in USA story for their products.


Made in USA of Domestic & Imported Fibers

Because Jimtex Yarns believes that manufacturing has the power to transform our economy, we spin all of our yarn right here in the USA. Our mill is located in Lincolnton, GA.

Going forward, we want to see these things not only invented in America; we want to see them built in America and it’s that combination of invented in the U.S., built in the U.S., and sold worldwide that is going to be the heart of our future.
Dr. Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy


Our Color Line

Our color line represents the influences of today’s fashion and the color direction of the global marketplace. In development, we evaluate each new color with regard to surface, texture and visual appeal, and our unique blending process allows us to produce colors with brilliant color depth and dimension.


In-House Plying

We know that many of our customers are looking for plied yarns, either in solid colors or marls. In order to provide this for you, we have in-house plying capabilities that can twist 2-8 ends of yarn. We can also work with you to develop a custom yarn of our yarn twisted with outside yarns, such as slub, spandex or wool. Please contact us to learn more.