Jimtex Yarns has been innovating in the field of recycled yarns since its founding in 1998 by Martex Fiber Southern Corporation as the next step in vertical integration for its waste recycling operation. Since then, Jimtex Yarns has grown to attract the attention of prominent manufacturers in apparel, hosiery and weaving markets due to the high quality, economical price and ecological benefits of the yarn.

The yarns produced by Jimtex are typically 70-75% cotton blended with acrylic and/or polyester. We stock over 50 beautiful solid and heather colors in 8/1s and 12/1s and a wide range of counts in black. We can also produce 5/1 through 18/1s for custom orders. Jimtex Yarns is pleased to offer in-house plying services, allowing an infinite range of color possibilities!

We believe in the benefits of recycling, which is why we make all of our yarns with recycled content. In fact, we have certification from SCS Global Services for our products, and work with Martex Fiber for their 360° recycling process. If you are looking for sustainable or economical cotton-blend yarns, Jimtex Yarns can supply what you need.

Our Team

Steve Lister, Chief Executive Officer
Jimmy Jarrett, President
David Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer
Marc Williamson, Vice President, Business and Product Development
Bruce Hogan, Vice President of Sales
David Bentley, Sales