Made with ECO2Cotton®

Ecological & Economical

In-Stock Yarns

With over 60 colors in stock, we can provide on-demand delivery.

Domestic Production

Jimtex Yarns are proudly spun in Lincolnton, GA.

Zero Landfill

Landfill is a waste of material that can still have a useful life. Jimtex Yarns is proud to be a division of Martex Fiber, a recycling company that ensures complete downstream recycling of waste so you can be assured that if they buy it; it will be recycled. Jimtex Yarns and Martex Fiber are constantly striving to keep waste streams out of landfill, which is why all of the yarns produced by Jimtex are made with recycled content.

Creating Renewed Life for Textile Waste

We have proudly been creating innovative recycled yarns since 1998.

Environmental Benefits

From reduced water usage to reduced land use, find out how Jimtex Yarns improves the environment.

About Us

Jimtex Yarns has been creating innovative recycled yarns since 1998. Learn more about our history and team.

Martex Fiber

Jimtex is proud to be a division of Martex Fiber. Learn about how they recycle waste.

Looking for plied yarns?

Jimtex Yarns provides on-site plying services. We can ply 2-8 ends of yarn, and have the capacity to ply our yarns with novelty yarns, such as spandex or slub yarns.

Looking to take your waste 360º?

If you are looking to improve the sustainability of your business by recycling your waste, we would love to help. We may even be able to arrange a full 360° program by recycling your waste and providing recycled yarns.

At Martex, sustainability and commitment to preserving our precious environment is more than a tagline. It’s a way of life. We take great pride in and embrace every aspect of our relationships with suppliers, customers and the communities we live in today. We strive to continue to raise the bar with regards to sustainability and pursue new innovations for textile waste.

Steve Lister, CEO